benton green

The Benton Green Apartments is located at 528 N. Benton Way in Rampart-Silver Lake and is home to 38 mid-income, working class families, predominately of Asian descent.  The majority of adults are new immigrants with very limited English skills. Their children are in need of a strong after-school program that helps them with their regular school subjects. The Rampart area is also prone to frequent gang activities.


The Arlington-Rodeo Apartment complex  is located at 3804 Arlington Avenue in South-Central Los Angeles, and is home to 29 working class families, predominately African-American, with a median income of $25,427.00.  Ninety-nine percent of the residents are single working mothers raising one or more children.  Many of the kids have learning disabilities and need special attention.  South Central is affected by high rates of unemployment and constant gang activties.  

Fumbah Manor

Fumbah Manor is located at 832 S. Lake Street in MacArthur Park and is home to a  18 unit multi-family complex made up of families of hispanic, Asian and African  American descent. The majority of the children are bilingual with limited  English proficiency and in need of remedial classes to improve their grammar, writing, and reading skills. The MacArthur Park neighborhood is greatly  affected by drugs, prostitution and gang activities.

Jefferson Square

The Jefferson Square location is located at 2401 West Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, 90018 and is the newest of our locations, opening it's  doors in late 2013.

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